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top 50 best teachers of the world

Our own Mr. Abdikadir belongs to top 50 of best teachers in the world

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Our own Mr. Abdikadir belongs to the top 50 of the best teachers in the world. Every year, the GLOBAL TEACHER PRIZE awards an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to his/her profession. The winner will be announced in January 2018.

Mr. Abdikadir has a huge passion for the use of technology in teaching and learning. As an administrator of a thoroughly under resourced school, he saw an opportunity to make a difference by using technology. One successful story has been the use of a mobile phone to record lessons.

Currently he is Principal of a secondary day school in Maralal, Samburu County. For SEED Samburu he is involved in THE WORLD STARTS WITH ME, a computer-based comprehensive sexuality education programme targeting children and youth. He was Principal of MARALAL DAY MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL where SEED Samburu has realized several projects.

Mr. Abdikadir is one of the best educationalists in Samburu County, and now of the whole world! We are very proud.

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