Civic Education

Copy of dedecmber 2010 138

In August 2010 President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya signed the new Constitution.  The new constitution provides that Kenya is divided into 47 counties. Objects of the devolution of government are to:

  • give powers of self-governance to the people and enhance participation of the people in making decisions affecting them;
  • recognise the right of communities to manage their own affairs and further development;
  • protect and promote the interest and rights of minorities and marginalised communities;
  • promote social and economic development and the provision of proximate, easily accessible services throughout Kenya.

The larger Samburu District – Samburu North, Samburu Central and Samburu East – is one county now with its own government.  Resources are being provided direct to the county. Samburu County will receive resources for health facilities, roads, water services, education, etc.

The devolution of resources to the counties as provided for in the new constitution gives a great opportunity for the inhabitants of Samburu County to benefit.

However, because of the high illiteracy rate and the fact that many people are living in remote areas, the vast majority of the inhabitants of Samburu County has no idea how the County works, what their rights are and which funds are available for developing their communities.

SEED Samburu assists communities to get information about the County, leadership, funds for development, etc. For instance, in cooperation with Text to Change and C4C SEED Samburu implemented a project; people could call a toll free number to get information in their own language about the Constitution, the County and its leadership, etc.